IMG_0537Hello, I’m Pippa.

I like rambling (both in the walking and talking sense) and relic-hunting (through archaeology, museums, castles, palaces and antique shops). This rather tweely named blog is my way of holding onto these interests as the London Underground saps away any memory of life outside.

I’m a writer and archaeology graduate who likes old things and the outdoors (in a strictly jumping-in-puddles sense, no bungee jumping here thank you very much).

If you know of a lonely patch of woodland that needs some loving, an event worth checking out, or a museum that’s worth exploring, tweet me or drop me an email. For more info, see my portfolio here.


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  1. supernova1c says:

    Nice to meet you on here Pippa and good luck with your career. Archaeology is a fascinating subject and to touch old things gives one a special feeling, a wonderful connection to the past.
    Look forward to chatting about these things, good luck and regards James 🙂

    1. crumbolina says:

      Thanks James. Interested in following your detecting blog. I’ve worked with a few ‘archeo-detectorists’ in the past and have always been jealous of their finds, so follow your blog with interest!

  2. We find “old things” fascinating too. We always like to imagine what life was like when we visit somewhere historical or see artefacts. We would love to be able to be a fly on the wall and see what everyday life was like in certain parts of the world during the years! More intriguing is obviously from times when documentation was more scarce.
    Thank you for stopping by our blog – glad you did. Because we are keen to follow your interesting blog!

  3. lisal2012 says:

    Hi Pippa, thanks for stopping by at my blog. If you’re interested in unusual historical events check out my friend’s web site http://calendarcustoms.com . It lists weird and wonderful British customs (a few of which are described on my blog). Enjoy!

    1. Pippa says:

      Thanks for the tip Lisa!

  4. Hello Pippa – thanks for rambling onto my blog – happy blogging to you also

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