Tangled up in bluebells

Perivale WoodI have found paradise.. and it’s in Perivale.

Nestled between the A40 and the Grand Union Canal in west London is Perivale Wood.

At this time of year the ancient woodland is carpeted with a sea of bluebells.

Bluebells in Perivale Wood

And once a year, the nice people from the Selbourne Society who look after the wood open it to the general public to share the magnificent sight.

Perivale Wood open day 2015

Naturally, I grabbed my camera and went down there.

In the bluebell wood

A blur of blue covers a large portion of the 18 acres of woodland, intermittently interspersed with a few heads of pink or white blooms.

Bluebells at Perivale Wood

It’s a shame you can’t capture smells. Here, the scent is of earth and plants and life. It’s easy to believe that a green and white satellite view of our planet shows not land and sea, but trees and bluebells.

Dad in Perivale Wood
Papa S auditioning for Countryfile

We made our way around the trail, passing bug hotels, hides, tree houses and nettle plantations, hearing the occasional tinkle of a young morris dancer’s bells as he ran through the tree cover.

Path into the bluebell wood

When I die, sprinkle my ashes among the bluebells because if there is a heaven, it’s here.

Bluebells in Perivale Wood

Have you seen any spectacular bluebell displays this year? Where? Tell me everything you know!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    How beautiful! Love your photos – I agree that you can’t possibly capture the scent. Looking forward to seeing our own bluebells here in Scotland soon.

  2. Lovely pix. Bluebells are great… they lift the spirit!

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