Stumbling across Bristol’s Jack-in-the-Green

Whilst walking back from brunch earlier I heard a drumming sound. I assumed it was a dreadlocked stoner banging a bongo as is often the way in Bristol, but instead I came across a blingy bush and a bunch of merry men and women with green faces dressed in rags.



Of course it was Bristol’s Jack-in-the-Green, who spends the day parading around the city welcoming in May.



Jack and his friends started off at the Harbourside and is on his way through Bristol, ending up at Horfield Common where he was ceremonially deflowered to hasten the onset of summer.
This man painted my nose green, so I like to think I’ve helped contribute to the sunshine currently hanging over the city.



Later I heard the drums start up again and walked out of the house to find the little green men making their way to the Green Man pub in Kingsdown.

God I love this city.

If you’re not in Bristol this weekend, you can check my guide to some of Britain’s other great May Day events on the Countryfile website where I’m interning at the moment


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